Climate Change Adaptation Scoring Tool

Access and Documentation

  • To use the tool, simply go to  CC Scoring Tool
  • Climate Change Scoring Tool has comprehensive supporting documentation, available via the links on the tool’s home page.
  • Free and accessible to everyone.
  • First-time user? Check out the CC Adaptation Scoring Tool_User_Guide.


Along a number of steps, you are inputting data on the content of your local adaptation plan.

  • To start that process you first need to go to the tab “Project database” on the left-hand side and then press “Create new project”.
  • You will then have to answer a number of questions on the content of the adaptation plan.
  • In the end, the tool calculates a numerical value/ a number that shows the quality of your adaptation plan.

That number can be compared to a maximum score achievable in each section, showing you where most efforts for improvement are seen. You will also have the opportunity to compare your score with other plans already analyzed and part of the database.

Answering the complete questionnaire will take you approximately 10 minutes. You have the option to either input real data or you can just use the tool for exploration. If you input data from an existing adaptation plan we will ask you for your email address in order to verify your data and in order to have the possibility to contact you if we have any questions related to your input. In that case, your data is saved. If you just want to explore the tool we do not ask for an email address and your data will not be stored.